Sunday, February 28

how charme-ing

haute design : what is black, white and feminine all over? These charme side chairs from janus et cie. Put them where ever you please for they are made of aluminum. Fit for indoor or outdoor, it will make a charming seating area.

Friday, February 26

faux not fur real

design tip : I love the rustic flare of having a (faux) deer head on my wall, as decor not a trophy. Try a substitute, instead of bothering of our forest creatures how about this over scaled, hand carved wood sculpture from the enchanted forest collection. Mount it on lovely wallpaper or a simple neutral backdrop, either way your wall will be whistling whimsy.

Wednesday, February 24

pattern, pink , & pretty

katie ridder

jonathan adler

amanda nisbet

oh to be young.....but not have to look too young. I love these sophisticated rooms for teens. It's a nice transition from the ol'nursery. these rooms reek of joy. what young girl wouldn't love to daydream in a room of the 3 p's.

Monday, February 22

rock on!

haute design : I can't say enough about this rocker. It is a glorious hybrid of traditional and modern design. Sure one would typically buy a rocking chair if you were going to have a baby, but in this case buy it just because it will add a bit of surprise to a once boring room.

Wednesday, February 17

i see you

choosing a mirror is like choosing a boyfriend. you want it to fit perfectly in your home, so choose wisely because they come in all shapes and sizes. In the end, if picked will look back at you with adoring eyes.




Monday, February 15

small kitchen = no problem

This kitchen may be small, but not lacking in storage. Utilize high ceilings by taking cabinetry all the way to the top. kitchen design by kim ficus.

old meets cool

haute design : have you ever wanted a wing chair minus the old.....I have. This chair carries the lines of tradition with the finishing touches of cool.

Sunday, February 7

mix it up!

if you didn't understand the meaning of "eclectic", here you go. this space designed by jonathan adler is the definition. eclectic spaces gives you the right to mix everything you love (pattern, color, & style) in to one space. with scale and proportion in mind, go at it!

Friday, February 5

re-treat yourself

design tip : vacation year round and create this tropical retreat. add drapery panels to your
outdoor living space. add a mojito and it feels like you're in southbeach @ the delano. ooohhhhh!
try using : the tahoe collection from conrad shades. (shown above)

Wednesday, February 3 feminine.

haute design : this little beauty can stand on its own. sculptural, functional, and affordable.

copper gold leaf floor lamp by arteriors home.